A downloadable game

A spooky pinball made with Unity 3D with a boss battle.

Install instructions

Unzip the 32 or 64 zip and run the program.


-Left Flipper (Q/Left Bumper in Xbox Controller)

-Right Flipper (W/Right Bumper in Xbox Controller)

-Plunger (Space/A in Xbox Controller)


Spooky_Pinball_32.zip 81 MB
Spooky_Pinball_64.zip 83 MB


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I'm the world champion! the ball has get stucked in the bumper on the right and the score is rising to the infinite! :)  I like it but I must play on a 64bit virtual machine, can you add a 32bit build, please? Ah, I can't find the single flipper buttons... it's a feature?


Hi, thanks for playing.  I have updated the project with 32 and 64 builds and the left and right flippers.